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Galaxy Frameless Glass supplies and installs ALL FRAMELESS CUSTOM GLASS ENCLOSURES

Framed Showers

Galaxy Frameless Glass supplies and installs all your well known standard showers. Custom made Framed showers are also available to suit your bathroom requirements. Our dynamic team will guide you through your decision making – to ensure the optimal and most cost effective combination to suit your needs.

Frameless Showers

Your Shower enclosure is fully customizable to suit the space you have available, be it spacious or cozy - we will professionally install the right shower for you. Our dynamic team will guide you through your decision making - to ensure the optimal and most cost effective combination to suit your needs.

Frameless Balustrades

Glass is increasingly becoming popular for balustrades as it offers some wind resistant with the least obstruction to view. 12mm Clear Bright Polished Toughened Safety Glass is used for this application although should the client request, tinted options are available. Toughened glass offers the highest resistance to impact, where if broken, it shatters into small pieces of blunt granules which are relatively safe, making it the best and safest option for frameless balustrades.

Recessed balustrades which is mounted into a channel which is cast into the concrete, allows for glass to be secured with no fittings showing. This is then finished off with the normal flooring of choice for a professional, elegant look. We are able to use this method for both straight and angled applications for stairs. Our Side mounted balustrades are mounted to the side by means of 316 Marine grade stainless steel studs. This application is commonly used for angled balustrades up staircases.

Our surface mounted balustrades allows the client to install balustrades on a finished floor product. The glass is secured by stainless steel glass clamps that are anchored into the floor surface, the glass is then clamped into the fittings. All our frameless balustrades have the option of fitting handrails either through the glass on the side or fitted over the top of the glass. Only high quality products and finishes are used with all our balustrades.

Galaxy ClearVIEW Frameless Folding/Stacking Doors

Being involved in many New and Innovative Frameless Glass applications over the years, it seemed like an obvious step in the right direction to be directly involved in engineering and manufacturing of the best Weather Resistant Frameless Folding door system in Southern Africa.

The Clearview Frameless Folding Door extrusions for the Top and Bottom tracks have been specifically engineered to allow the sealing of the frameless Glass doors to prevent water leakages. The bottom track has a 26mm height difference from the outside to the inside – which allows the glass to seal against bottom extrusion. The top track has a 22mm lip that extends down for the glass to seal; this is unlike any of the current systems on the market.The Doors are hinged together to make it a Folding system – not stacking, this creates ease in opening and closing the system, as one smooth motion is needed.

The hinges are manufactured in house and machined from extruded aluminium. For doors up to 2400 in height 8mm TSG – Bright polished is used, with 10mm TSG being used from 2400 to 2700, and 12mm TSG used up to heights of 3000mm, to create more stability in windy conditions we are able to fix a centre hinge to the centre of the doors.